About Kutta

Kutta Associates is a 100% black women-owned and managed international trade and investment advisory firm based in Gauteng, South Africa. Kutta offers strategic policy advice to government, corporate clients, industry associations and international governments.

As experts in government relations, international trade, industrial development strategy, investment and cooperation facilitation, we work with governments (internationally), investors and organised private sector.

Kutta’s contribution to Africa’s trade policy development is mainly through:
  1. providing information for efficient advocacy and engagement on policy and regulatory development,
  2. partnering with international trade and investment stakeholders through information collection, development, analysis and dissemination, and
  3. coordination of international trade and investment activities.


Kutta’s vision is to play a role in the development of African and global value chains.


Kutta’s mission is to solve complex economic development problems through well researched solutions that are tailored to an African economic environment. Working with communities to inspire and create the spirit of optimism.

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