Professional Advocacy - Government Affairs - Influencing Public Policy Development
Kutta is experienced in influencing South African government legislation, in particular trade policy and trade negotiations. The services include:

  • Contacting policy makers for the purpose of making private sector proposals; 
  • Drafting proposals that support or oppose legislation; 
  • Advocating the adoption or rejection of legislation;
  • Kutta specialises in 'direct lobbying' by influencing through communication with government officials who coordinate the formulation of the legislation; 
  • Kutta also participates in other non policy-related activities on behalf of private sector through engaging with the public sector and forming stronger public-private sector relationships; 
  • We also participate in regional activities including the SADC private sector forums;
  • We support decision makers and lawmakers on trade policy issues; 
  • Kutta hosts groupings like 'Women in Trade', for the benefit of women owned businesses and inclusive growth;
  • We network with the international community to develop and maintain relationships;
  • Kutta maintains strong relationships with the trade forums in African;
  • We provide trade advise and trade negotiations information;
  • Kutta is on twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms. This offers an opportunity to lobby quicker.
Mbini Kutta is available for speaking opportunities. Please refer to the public speaking portfolio here:
Kutta's Public Speaking Portfolio

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