Mbini Kutta

The Managing Director, Mbini Kutta is a trade policy expert and a former trade negotiator, with specialisation in agricultural economics, trade economics and international political economy. Her international trade and investment experience spans in excess of 16 years in a multi-sectoral environment. Outside of government, Mbini worked with organized private sector as a trade policy advisor, providing strategic leadership to SA business to better influence government legislation, ensuring implementation of trade agreements and advising on compliance with the international trade rules.

Mbini has extensive hands-on experience working on South African legislative and regulatory frameworks and local administrative and business practices in the area of trade and investment. She led engagement between private sector and the South African Government on legislative and regulatory development, in trade, customs, and investment policy formulation. Another strength is that of experience in providing research and technical support on trade relations, including hands-on support to the International Trade and Economic Division at the dti.

As a former international trade negotiator with extensive experience in working with industry associations, Mbini is able give advice which takes into account the defensive and offensive (taking advantage of opportunities trade negotiations present to the sector) positions in formulating trade negotiating positions. She also has a deeper understanding of the developments in various industries.

Mbini has used her expertise in raising awareness within the industry on Market Access requirements (including Rules of Origin) for both regional (SADC) and global markets. As a Trade Policy Manager for Business Unity South Africa (BUSA) she strengthened her skills in drafting and mandating industry submissions to influence government policy processes. The leadership role she played in the establishment of regional Rules of Origin for the Tripartite Free Trade Area (TFTA) is one of the highlights of her career.

Kutta maintains good relations with both SACU and SADC and plays a huge role in African Integration. Her main influence has been on the Regional Integration work including the Tripartite Free Trade Area negotiations between SADC, EAC and COMESA; African Continental FTA Negotiations which cover the entire continent; developments in the SADC Trade Protocol, SACU – EFTA FTA Review, and the implementation strategy for the SADC – EU EPA.


  1. This is very very impressive. I know Mbini personally, hard working and a very humble professional. So happy that an African woman is breaking the barrier into the field of International Trade on her own! Well done Mbini, very proud of you, girl!

    1. Thank you so much. I wish you wrote your name.


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