Leader in Inclusive Growth through Women's Economic Empowerment
Gender equity would improve a country's competitiveness, raise economic growth and reduce poverty, various studies prove.
Through South African Women in Trade, Kutta seeks to capacitate and organise medium sized women owned businesses. The products and services that are developed by Kutta together with her international partners will be made available in this platform.

Kutta assists women businesses with:
  • International trade research and training;
  • Trade Agreement analysis;
  • Opportunities in external markets;
  • Investments, partnerships and networking;
  • Advice on government support;
  • Expansion and diversifying'
  • Advocacy and joining women’s business associations;
  • International referrals to link SA business women to global value chains; 
  • Training women in lobbying and participation in the trade negotiations;
  • Networking events;
  • Webinars on business development;
  • Participation in trade missions.

The plan is to:
i. advance women’s economic empowerment;
ii. increase women’s advocacy efforts to influence legislation and its implementation, in particular the industry and trade policies;
iii. increase women participation in international trade.

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