Kutta Secretariat Services
Stakeholder management need not be a burden.
Kutta Consulting provides the following secretariat services to clients:
  • Providing the stakeholder support to boards, committees, working groups, task-forces, etc;
  • Providing support to the group’s chair through advice;
  • Attendance of scheduled and ad-hoc meetings;
  • Preparation, collation and circulation of meeting agenda packs;
  • Taking and distribution of draft and adopted minutes;
  • Taking note, sending reminders and following up on actions arising from meetings;
  • Maintenance of records and confidentiality;
  • Supporting the development of a work programme guided by the objectives, work streams, time-frames, budget, and responsibilities;
  • Managing risks to the work programme of the group;
  • Reporting regularly to the group on activities, completion and those that are outstanding;
  • Drawing and maintaining a calendar of events;
  • Maintaining effective relationships within the meeting and with external stakeholders;
  • Managing contracts;
  • Providing support to the chair and new members;
  • Upholding the terms of reference and rules of procedures.
  • Preparation of the governance manual.
  • Providing advice on governance issues;
  • Advising reporting lines;
  • Maintaining and advising on conflict of interest;
  • Managing the workflow of members;
  • Preparing reports;
  • Advising on policy and technical issues including collecting and analysing data and conducting research;
  • Presentation of policy papers;
  • Consultations with members and external stakeholders;
  • Circulation of information to members;
  • Coordinating members' input and that of external stakeholders when needed;
  • Reminding the members and implementing resolutions and actions;
  • Ensuring effective stakeholder engagements;
  • Providing support to the chair, such as developing the agenda in consultation with the chair and preparing and circulating the minutes;
  • Organising the meetings including logistics such as travel, accommodation, catering, venue booking;
  • Managing correspondence;
  • Record keeping i.e. minutes, terms of reference, procedural policies, etc.;
  • Managing telephone/ email enquiries;
  • Establishing and maintaining an online presence through websites, social media, etc;
  • Maintaining a filing system;
  • Events management such as organising conferences and workshops.
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